Crisis Communications

To get through a disaster, you need to get through

When trouble strikes, your day to day telecommunications services can be rapidly overloaded leaving you with serious problems. This could range from the immediate need to confirm your employees are safe and accounted for, through to contacting your customers and making sure your business systems will be able to get your next invoice out to maintain your revenue and cash flow. The TeamTalk Group has a range of options that need to be part of your disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

Emergency Radio Kit

In that 1st hour after an emergency when you need to check on staff safety and co-ordinate actions at the site of the emergency, TeamTalk mobile radio services are the answer. We can make it easy by providing you with handheld radios in carry cases.

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Diverse Access

During the 1st day when you have confirmed your people are safe, your focus turns to disaster recovery and getting business systems up and running. If you can’t connect your critical systems to the outside world you can lose days of productivity. The TeamTalk Group offers a range of diverse access technologies:

Data Centre Services

In that 1st week and 1st month after an emergency, your focus turns to business continuity and how you support your customers, get your employees back on the job and maintain cash flow. The TeamTalk Group has a range of services to help get you back up and running:

  • CityLink Data Recovery
  • CityLink Data Hosting
  • CityLink Data Centre Replication
  • BayCity Diverse Internet

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