Wireless Access


Araneo is Broadband

Araneo is a wireless and fibre based open access broadband network delivering business grade connections. We deliver IP and Ethernet data with fibre like performance at a fraction of the cost. With circuits starting at two megabit per second and topping out at over a gigabit, Araneo is light-years ahead of the Telcos.

We have dozens of towers currently covering the North Island, with up-to-date maps on our website. New sites are being added all around the country, so please contact us if you're not currently covered. Companies moving from ADSL, Frame Relay, and other wireless providers never look back.

Internet connectivity, VPNs, Voice Over IP, Video-Conferencing, Surveillance, and Public Safety applications are all possible when your organization is online with an Araneo broadband solution. Join organizations in Commerce, Education, Government, Manufacturing, and High-Tech in discovering the true meaning of broadband. Sign up with one of our accredited network service partners today!

In the news: 14 Jun 2012, NZ Herald:  All Landcorp farms on broadband by year's end