Kapiti Coast District Council

Providing the missing link for Kapiti Coast District Council

Kapiti Coast District CouncilThe Kapiti Coast District Council (KCDC) promotes the social, economic, environmental and cultural wellbeing of the Kapiti Coast, through a staff of more than 250 people, based in four main centres around the district.

Their challenge

As Technology Manager for KCDC, it’s Phill McKenna’s job to make sure all four of the council’s centres are able to communicate effectively with one another. The kind of communication required was a LAN that could connect the four disparate offices together across an area that is not renowned for reliable and fast broadband services.

“We were looking for a more economical solution to replace the linking technology we were using and because we were already so impressed with TeamTalk’s service for voice radio communications, we thought we’d see if they could help.”

Our solution

Now, we know that LANs and other things geeky doesn’t sound like something a mobile radio company like TeamTalk can offer, but it’s true. TeamTalk is proud to be able to offer cost-effective, enterprise-wide LAN connectivity linking to our customers, through our sister company, Araneo.

Araneo provides wireless broadband solutions to businesses all over New Zealand. These linking solutions provide the same speed in each direction, making it practical for interoffice LAN connectivity, and for voice over IP so you can tie PABXs together, giving free calls between offices. Add to that video conferencing and security surveillance and you can make branch offices part of head office performance. You could even extend services to key personnel at home and to trusted suppliers.

The benefits

“We’ve been very happy with the solution so far. It’s a lot more economical than the previous linking technology we were using; in fact, it’s twice as fast for half the price!” says Phill. “Another bonus is that it’s totally wireless and locally based, so we’re not dependent on something out of the district breaking down.”