Symons Transport

Symons Transport power up with XLERATE for a superior vehicle tracking product


Symons Transport Ltd’s primary focus is freighting milk products between processing plants throughout New Zealand. During the milking season, they operate up to 40 tankers around the clock. In the off-season, they transport other food-grade liquids, such as moving wine between vineyards.

Their Challenge

Trucking food-grade milk and dairy products around the country is a logistically challenging task – especially when many of these products have a shelf-life for transport of just 12 hours.

Symons Transport were already a TeamTalk customer – They had been using our FleetLink network for easy and affordable contact with their drivers. “Communication is important to the success of any business, and in our case, it’s essential,” says China Judd, Transport Manager at Symons Transport. Because of the time-sensitive nature of dairy products, the fleet responds to jobs 24 hours a day. China was keen to find a more sophisticated tool to add to his radio service that would help him instantly locate his trucks.

“I’d get a call in the middle of the night from a processing plant needing three trucks to move some milk to another factory immediately, and I’d have to put a call through to all drivers on duty and hope that the right ones would pick up and be available. It was very inefficient. We needed something more than just radio comms,” explains China.

Our Solution

Symons Transport signed up to XLERATE by TeamTalk, a powerful GPS-based vehicle tracking and dispatch solution, operating on TeamTalk’s radio networks. China hasn’t looked back since. “Now, when a job comes in, I can quickly look to see where all of my tankers are and what they are doing. I can reallocate jobs quickly and my ability to respond to issues such as breakdowns or accidents has increased dramatically,” he explains.

The Benefits

Vehicle downtime is minimised, and spoiled stock issues are all but forgotten. Symons Transport are able to respond to their customer’s urgent requests promptly and are better able to track chargeable events such as waiting time. Drivers feel safer and the dispatch team spends less time on the air, and more time managing logistics.