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TRACKIT – real time fleet tracking just became easy and affordable

TrackIt is the simplest, integrated and easy-to-use GPS based fleet management product currently available in New Zealand market. Combining leading technology with a powerful and comprehensive software platform TrackIt offers a seamless and customisable user experience.

What does it do?

TrackIt collects information about your fleet of trucks, vans or cars as well as other assets and even personnel, which it then makes available to you in real-time.

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TrackIt is a simple and visual easy-to-use web-based application that supports multiple users and has Smartphone capability. It’s flexible enough to be the right choice no matter how straightforward or sophisticated your fleet and asset management requirements may be.

In addition to monitoring and controlling your fleet, TrackIt can integrate with other key systems such as fuel cards and billing to streamline your business operations (additional charges may apply). By optimising vehicle routing and ensuring territory compliance (with automated notifications such as text or email alerts for speed or location based events), TrackIt encourages self-improvement, increased efficiency and reduced stress.

Comprehensive reporting can be automated so information is at your fingertips when you need it meaning you don’t have to wait while reports are run.

How does it do it?

To collect data in the field TrackIt has a couple of small devices, one that is installed in a vehicle or some other asset, and another for individuals to carry that provides personal tracking and safety. These devices send information back via a cellular network to the TrackIt servers where it is processed and made available to you over the internet via a secure password protected web page.

In order for you to veiw and use your processed data the TrackIt application provides a choice from three tiers of features (Base, Business Lite and Business), with each subsequent tier building on the features provided in the tier(s) below. With this approach you can start with a lower cost option then build on this as your business requirements change.

Below is a summary of key features (more detailed information is available in the Fleet Tracking brochure at the bottom of the page):

Base Service

  • GPS location and tracking
  • Find addresses and Points-of-Interest
  • History replay
  • Geo-fences
  • Alerts (via text and email)
  • Basic iPhone Visibility app
  • Basic reporting

Business Lite Service:

  • Report Scheduling
  • Batch importing of data
  • Device grouping
  • Place categories

Business Service:

  • Job Creation
  • Advanced interactive text functions

Please note that features are being added to TrackIt regularly, so check with your TeamTalk Account manager for the latest details.

TrackIt is Easy; Powerful; Affordable and Web-based.

General Features

  • User friendly
  • Simple to use
  • Visual
  • Simple dashboards
  • Exports to Excel and PDF’s
  • Multiple inputs & outputs
  • Web based


  • Real time review and improvement
  • Compliance and Audit trail
  • Keep clients up to date
  • Improve KPI’s
  • Better communication
  • Reduce theft, delays and stress

Find out more

Below are the two primary TrackIt hardware devices. The VT30 - Vehicle Tracker needs to be installed by an authorised TeamTalk installer whereas the PT20 Personal Tracker requires not installation.

VT30 - Vehicle Tracker

Vehicle tracker

Suitable for most vehicles, including: cars, trucks, boats and other assets that you need to keep an eye on.

PT20 - Personal Tracker


The PT20 Personal Tracker lets you know where people are and if they are safe, so you can tell if your employees are where they're supposed to be. Small and light, it's ideal for clipping on your belt, around your neck or in your bag. Suitable for all ages.

To find out more about TrackIt from TeamTalk contact your local TeamTalk account manager, or contact our helpdesk on 0800 501 600.

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