Data Logger

This flexible Data Logger is at the heart of TeamTalk’s fleet productivity offering. 


It is the data logger that collects information from an array of sensors in the vehicle, communicates the required information back to the application server over cellular and also forwards information from the server to devices such as mobile data terminals and printers.

Because of the comprehensive range of interfaces there is a substantial amount of data collected from the vehicle and processed in the server, this is then displayed and reported via the Xlerate application which is accessed over the internet from anywhere.

The V6+ data logger underlies the comprehensive suite of fleet productivity services offered via the Xlerate application. 


With the right information you will make better operational decisions and improve fleet productivity by saving time and money.


File size: 431kb

Data Logger



  • GPS / Location + Tracking
    Real-time GPS location and tracking
  • Digital Inputs and Outputs
    Sensors for ignition On/Off, tipping a load, picking up bins, counting engine hours etc.
  • Serial Data Interfaces
    Automatic trailer management, Job dispatch, instant messaging, navigation and other MDT based applications, plus driver ID readers and printers
  • Compliance
    Road User Charges (RUC) and compliance processing, reporting and claims
  • CAN Bus
    CAN Bus interfaces so you can access information straight from the vehicles management systems
  • SMS and Email Alerts
    Receive alerts by SMS or email, according to the parameters that you set i.e. speeding, emergency, geo-boundary entry and exit etc.
  • Reporting
    Get comprehensive reporting on a very wide range of parameters across vehicle productivity and driver performance

Whether you want all of these things, additional items or just a small subset, the V6+ Data Logger is a critical part of the picture.


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