Auckland Co-op Taxis

Auckland Co-op Taxis moving millions of people each year

Auckland Co-Op TaxisWith more than 60 years experience transporting customers from ‘a to b’, Auckland Co-Op Taxis pride themselves in delivering a quality, consistent service to 5.8 million passengers per year.

With over 950 vehicles in their fleet, Auckland Co-Op Taxis believe they have best quality assurance programmes and technology in place to keep their business running 24/7 for 365 days a year.

Their challenge

Vivek Sikri, ICT Manager at Auckland Co-Op Taxis has the unenviable responsibility of managing all of their technology requirements, which includes working with different systems, such as an interactive voice recognition mission-critical dispatch side of the business, dealing with 2.5 million jobs per year.

“We can’t afford to have any down-time under any circumstances,” says Vivek.  “Our systems must be robust, because even a few minutes downtime would cause mayhem.”

Our solution

TeamTalk plays an integral role in the success of Auckland Co-Op Taxis,  providing VHF radio frequencies across 12 channels including eight at Sky Tower, one on the Waitakere ranges and one each on the North Shore, Manurewa and Howick. In addition, TeamTalk provides microwave-linked data and radio repeaters to manage communication and data requirements for their bureau taxi fleets in New Plymouth, Tauranga and Rotorua to power the all-important GPS system.

“We’ve been working with TeamTalk for nearly ten years and it’s their reliability and customer service that really stands out. Because they understand our needs, they have the support and personnel in place to respond to us anytime of the day or night. And if it’s out of hours for our Account Manager, we can go straight to the technicians or technical staff – and that gives us real peace of mind,” says Vivek.

The benefits

“Even a few minutes downtime would cause major disruptions for our business and it’s fantastic to know that TeamTalk have all of our communication and data needs covered.”