Wellington SPCA

If you’re an SPCA inspector, working on the frontline can be dangerous.SPCA_Radios

They are called to places where their safety is at risk, not just from animals, but sometimes their owners can cause big trouble too.

That’s just one of the reasons why the Wellington SPCA has recently struck a deal with TeamTalk, for eight new state-of-the-art radio handsets for use on the network with the most extensive coverage in the Wellington region.

New Health & Safety laws, in effect from April 4, dramatically change the landscape for employers, delivering new incentives for bosses to do all they can to keep their frontline people safe.

The Wellington SPCA is definitely one organisation that values the mission critical communications support radio offers.

It has seven Animal Welfare Inspectors who respond to allegations of cruelty and neglect. They have the legal power to enter properties and remove animals from their owners. This can result in conflict.

Specialised animal rescue teams also put themselves at risk on a regular basis to save trapped, stranded, and injured animals.

This is where the reliability, durability, and flexibility of mobile radio comes into its own.

The Wellington SPCA has used TeamTalk’s radio network for a number of years, but Chief Executive Officer Steve Glassey says the new Motorola DP4801 hand portables and an increasing network reach are delivering multiple benefits.

“Our field staff find the radios super easy to use and the after sales support from TeamTalk has been terrific.

“The new handsets have already seen a fair bit of action and they’re serving us well. Having that simple push-to-talk calling certainly offers our people that extra layer of security when they’re in the field.

“Our officers also know that when they’re out in the middle-of-nowhere dealing with difficult people, animals, or terrain – they can get through quickly," Mr Glassey says.

The SPCA radio set-up is future proofed to accommodate migration to digital networks and add-ons such as GPS.

And in a show of support for the Wellington SPCA’s good work, TeamTalk is donating its FleetLink network services free-of-charge.

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