When your whole business is about protecting people and their property, your communication systems have to be top class.


Field staff have to be in touch where-ever they are, they have to be able to speak to each other, and be able to call home base when-ever they need.

That’s why Auckland-based Cityguard ( was in need of a value for money refresh of its mobile radio system. Their trusted and long-standing provider, MCS Digital, suggested a partnership with TeamTalk to deliver a great solution.

Cityguard is a specialist security service focused on business and commercial property security, community policing, public safety, loss prevention, alarm and CCTV monitoring and response. They offer concierge services, event security, and a unique precinct protection business model.

They’ve recently signed up to a TeamTalk-provided LocalNet Digital repeater subscription service.

Because of the specialist services they provide, it was critical for Cityguard to source robust, reliable, cost-effective equipment and they’ve bought 50 Motorola DP2400 DMR radios with Impres battery reconditioning chargers from MCS Digital Ltd.

These state-of-the-art radios operate in either digital or analogue mode.

While Cityguard normally use digital mode, they often need to hire additional radios when covering big events.

“The ability to switch over to analogue, gives us much greater flexibility when we have large teams on the ground at big events and need extra radios,” says Cityguard Director Alan Young.

“We’re also finding we’re getting much better range and coverage which is vital for us. When you do the work we do, immediacy is everything. We have to be able to talk to our people and they have to be able to report back to us,” Mr Young says.

MCS Digital was also able to offer an innovative payment plan, including trade-ins for existing hardware.

TeamTalk Mobile General Manager Daniel Cummins says the package is an example of TeamTalk and MCS Digital working together to deliver a top service that’s cost effective.

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