Manukau Animal Shelter

Auckland Council’s Manukau Animal Shelter uses Motorola handportables and Bluetooth headsets to improve efficiency, customer service, and health and safety.

Manukau Animal Shelter staff are responsible for the care of impounded animals, managing animals currently the subject of legal prosecutions, and the management of other animals that arrive at the shelter either by owner surrender or being found wandering at large and not claimed.

The shelter is consistently busy, with an average of 18 days per month at over 75% capacity.

TeamTalk supplied a simplex channel, Motorola DP4401 handportable radios and a DM4600 base radio to the Animal Shelter. Shelter staff wear MotorolaCropped_Photo_Animal_Mgmt_with_Headset
XBT heavy-duty headsets which connect via Bluetooth to the handportable radio in a pocket in their overalls.

The headsets allow shelter staff to work with both hands free but still communicate with their co-workers using a Push-To-Talk (PTT) button on the headset.

Tania Butler, manager of the Manukau Animal Shelter, reports improved customer service and efficiencies as front office personnel use the radio to contact staff in the kennels with an enquiry rather than having to physically go and find them. Customers who come in looking for their lost dog can find out more quickly if their pet is at the shelter.

The XBT heavy duty headsets are designed to protect hearing while enabling the wearer to be aware of their surroundings. In the kennels, the headsets block out the noise from barking dogs, but staff are still able to hold a conversation with the person standing next to them while wearing them.

An example of the headset in use is where a dangerous dog rushed through the kennel door when it was opened, and then turned on the staff member, trapping them in the kennel. The staff member was able to use the headset to call for assistance and was rescued from the kennel without harm.

“We’ve been using the new radios and headsets since the beginning of the year,” says Tania, “and while it took a few days to get used to the headsets, we wouldn’t be without them now”.

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