Kidd Contracting

Kidd_Contracting_TruckCivil engineering company Kidd Contracting uses TeamTalk’s digital RTmax radio network to improve business efficiency and worker safety in the Greater Auckland area.

Kidd Contracting provides cartage contracting, trucking, earthmoving and demolition services around Auckland. With the building boom, there is huge demand for services to subdivisions and other civil engineering work. It is important to be able to direct the correct asset, whether it be a road roller, digger, or truck and trailer, to a job at the right time.

Kidd Contracting has been using TeamTalk’s digital RTmax network in Auckland for a year. Previously, they contacted their truck drivers by cellphone but found this method was inefficient when it came to group communications.

The company operates an open channel on one group call. Head office uses the radio for dispatch to inform truck drivers of jobs, but most communication is truck driver to truck driver. Using the radio system in this way ensures that everyone is aware of any new jobs, changes in plans, site issues, and traffic information, which makes operations simpler and faster.

The business purchased Motorola DM4601 mobile radios for their trucks, and has four portable radios for use by machine operators on site. The portable radios have proven invaluable for site and traffic management.

Kidd Contracting followed the advice of Account Manager Shane Wickman to lease the portable radios on TeamTalk’s RadioCombo option. With RadioCombo the company can replace the portables every three years.

“Communication is key”, says director Aaron Kidd. “Radio has made our business easier and operations safer. I don’t know what we used to do without it”.

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