TeamTalk Mobile Radio Appointment

Customer News | 14.09.15

The TeamTalk group has appointed former Vector manager Daniel Cummins to head up its mobile radio division.

In a break with tradition, the position is to be based in Auckland, when previously the General Manager of TeamTalk's mobile radio division has worked from Wellington.

TeamTalk Group Managing Director David Ware says it's an effort to increase the mobile radio division's profile in New Zealand's largest centre. He says it's also where a lot of TeamTalk's bigger customers are based.

"It's great to welcome Daniel on board. He's been at Vector for the past four years and knows Auckland well. His previous experience in his role as Group Manager Customer Operations with Vector will be invaluable as we realign the TeamTalk group to have even more focus on what our customers want.

"Daniel's tasked with getting new business for us in the communications space. With new health and safety requirements, mobile radio will become an even more important tool when it comes to critical business comms and the safety of frontline workers," Mr Ware says.

Daniel Cummins has a Bachelor of Business Studies (Information Systems) and a Post Graduate Certificate in Management. Prior his employment with Vector, the 42-year-old held senior sales and management roles at Telecom and Siemens.

Daniel says he's looking forward to the new role at a time when technologies are converging.

"Mobile radio's an important piece of the jigsaw puzzle for businesses that count on reliable internal communication - even in remote locations," he says.

Daniel Cummins started in his TeamTalk role at the beginning of September.


Contact: TeamTalk Managing Director David Ware - 0800 101-900